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Welcome on OBD2 Software and ScanTools Website

   This website contains only Recommendations for Best Car Diagnostic Software and OBD2 ScanTools. DO NOT search here for cracks or serial numbers because you WILL NOT find them. You must purchase license for any program which is NOT Freeware and/or you MUST buy Genuine Hardware with Licensed Firmware inside to use the software. Any OBD-II Software is always provided under Author/Owner Copyrights and has got its own license which you have to read before using the software.

   If you are the Author/Owner of any OBD2 Software or OBD-II ScanTool please contact me and I will try to promote your product here providing you valuable customers. Of course I can ONLY promote GENUINE Software and GENUINE Car Diagnostic Tools. I will do this FREE of charge.

   This website ONLY promotes Genuine Source of OBD2 Software by providing DIRECT LINK to the Official Author/Owner Website. I do not host ANY Copyrighted Files on my Server. To download ANY file you have to navigate to the official OBD2 software website. If you have any queries related to my website please report that to me through "Contact Page". If you wish to promote your OBD2 Software or SxcanTool on my website please send me the message containing all important information about your Product.

   This website is made JUST to promote genuine source of OBD2 Software. This website DOES NOT distribute ANY OBD2 Software. There is NO downloadable software files available on my server. This website is JUST a professional guide through many OBD2 Applications and Tools currently available online for sale.

   This website will try to continously supply you with Recommendations for:
  • Professional OBD-II Car Diagnostic Software;
  • Quality OBD-II Car Diagnostic ScanTools;
  • Other car related purposes like Mileage Correction or ECU Flashing.
   I will UpDate my website with more and more OBD2 software during my free time. I will also write reviews for Best Car ScanTools, Code Readers and USB Based Car Diagnostic Interfaces. I will try to choose only the best OBD-II Software and ScanTools. Hopefully this website will help you choose good and affordable OBD2 ScanTool and it will save your money at the same time.

   Nowadays all vehicles are equipped with Onboard Diagnostic Computer which tells you if something goes wrong with your engine, automatic transmission, power steering, airbags or any other electronic control module. OBD2 system was invented to help vehicle users identify problems before something goes really wrong. When dashboard light shows up then you need a Car Diagnostic Tool to read OBD2 Trouble Code. There is many DTCs and lots of cheap code readers available online. Usually cheap ScanTool will show you OBD2 Trouble code like PXXXX and this should be enough to sort most of the non-complicated problems. Good choice may be also the USB Car Diagnostic Interface which is usually much more advanced than most cheap Hand Held Code Readers. USB Based OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tools are also easy to update through the internet so you will always get the most recent solutions to fix your car. The next reason to choose USB ScanTool is that many of them can follow advanced diagnostic procedures like:

  • Reading and Clearing DTCs from every Electronic Control Unit not just from engine;
  • Performing Adaptations in modules supporting this function;
  • Recoding Electronic Control Modules;
  • Reading and Flashing Memory of Electronic Control Units.
   I made this website just because I love cars. Lots of my free time I spend in the garage working with cars. I am learning new things every day and I would like to share my knowledge with you. I hope you will enjoy every visit here.

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