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> Best OBD2 Scanners and Vehicle Fault Code Readers in UK <

   Welcome in my OBD2 Scanners Review Center. This page contains recommendations for best OBD2 Scanners and USB Car Diagnostic Interfaces. All offers comes from the most safe and popular online retailer - Amazon UK. There is lots of Car Diagnostic Interfaces available online and it may be hard to choose right product. I hope that this website will help you to find the most useful OBD2 Scanner or USB Car Diagnostic Interface. I will try to clearly describe and review the best OBD2 Scanners to help you decide what is most suitable for your needs. Amazon is the most safe Online MarketPlace to buy anything so do not worry because every customer is protected by: A-to-Z Safe Buying Guarantee Protection. Most of the OBD 2 Scan Tools listed here are daily reviewed by people who just bought them from Amazon Shop so if you do not trust my review please check what other people say. Thanks a lot for visiting my shop.

® OBDLink SX Universal Car Diagnostic Scan Tool from ScanTool

   OBDLink SX is another Great Universal Car Diagnostic Interface from ScanTool. OBDLink SX is very similar tool to ElmScan 5 which is supplied with OBDwiz Software worth alone $30. This Interface allows you to Read and Clear engine Trouble Codes and Turn Off Check Engine Light.

   Main advantages of the OBDLink SX versus ElmScan 5:
  • Online User-Friendly UpGradable Firmware;
  • Increased data throughput delivers faster Screen UpDates and more Graph Points;
  • Advanced commands performing enhanced diagnostic not possible with older ELM327 based Scan Tools;
  • Improved Automatic OBD2 Protocol Detection;
  • Smart Keep-Alive Algorithm helps ensure a constant connection on all protocols even on older ISO or KeyWord Protocol (KWP);
  • Large CAN memory buffer makes OBDLink SX the most stable Scan Tool.
   ScanTool offers you this best quality tool for lowest possible price. You will not find so Universal Car Diagnostic Tool anywhere else. For your piece of mind OBDLink SX is covered by 3-Years Parts and Labour Warranty.

OBD2 BlueTooth Interface for Android and Windows Based SmartPhones

   Nowadays most of the people use SmartPhones instead of standard Mobile Phones. SmartPhone is based on Advanced Operating System like Android or Windows Phone. Android is an advanced operating system which can run similar applications available for desktop computers or laptops. For example Android lets you access Internet through Web Browser and helps you edit photos through Photo Editor but did you know that you can transfer your Android or Windows based SmartPhone into Professional Grade Car ScanTool?

What can OBD2 BlueTooth Interface offer you?
  • Works with Torque Pro and many more apps on the Google Play Store And Windows Phone Store
  • Retrieves generic and car manufacturer-specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Connects directly to your car OBD2 port
  • Checks for engine diagnostic trouble codes and engine sensors data
  • Shows MPG gauges and customized Dashboards
  • Shows Real Time dyno and data logging

VW Audi SEAT and Skoda Diagnostic USB Interface - VAG Diagnostic Tool - VAG-COM 409.1 and VCDS Lite

   VAG-COM known as VCDS later on is the most Powerful Diagnostic Tool for all VAG Cars (VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda). VCDS gives you Real Dealer Level Access to every car from VAG Group. VCDS and VAG-COM Software are made by Ross-Tech. Ross-Tech accepts 3rd Party Interfaces for their older version of VAG-COM till 409.1 and for newer VCDS Lite Software. Everything what you nees is a license from Ross-Tech which costs $99. After software registration this cheap VAG-COM Compatible Interface will transform to the Professional Grade VAG Scan Tool.

   Main VAG-COM 409.1 and VCDS Lite Functions:
  • Reading and clearing DTCs from EVERY Electronic Control Module (Engine, ABS Brakes, SRS Airbags, Power Steering, Transmission...);
  • Reading Freeze Frame Data;
  • Performing Adaptations or Short and Long Coding on EVERY Module Supporting those functions;
  • Viewing Measured Values;
  • Reading Mileage Stored by ECU (Engine Control Unit);
  • Resetting Service Reminder Indicator (SRI Reset Function).
   Please remember that any VAG-COM Compatible Interface covers only older VAG Cars till and including 2004. There is NO 3rd Party Interfaces for new VCDS Software after VAG-COM 409.1 or VCDS Lite. To use newest VCDS Software supporting CAN Protocol you have to buy Genuine Tool from Official Ross-Tech Distributor.

MS300 - Best Cheapest Car OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader

   MaxiScan MS300 is the cheapest quality Car Code Reader reviewed and recommended by LOTS of customers. This is propably the most popular Car Code Reader which is chosen mainly by private users to Turn Off Engine Management Light.

   Main Functions of MaxiScan MS300 Car OBD2 Code Reader:
  • Retrieving Generic, Pending and Manufacturer Specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs);
  • Retrieving Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from many 2002 and newer Cars;
  • Supporting all OBD2 protocols including modern CAN Protocol (Controller Area Network Protocol);
  • Supporting all US, European and Asian OBD-II Vehicles since 1996.
   Main Features of MaxiScan MS300 Car OBD2 Code Reader:
  • Clear and Easy to Read Backlit LCD Screen;
  • Never worry about batteries - Powered only from Car OBD2 Port;
  • Multilingual Menu.
   MaxiScan MS300 is a basic Car Code Reader and it would be very hard to find more popular tool in this low price range.

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