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Reading and Clearing of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
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> Professional OBD2 Software Compatible with Genuine Elm327 Interfaces <

<-- ElmScan 5 - Cheap, Universal and Professional OBD2 ScanTool made by well known company ScanTool.net. There is no competitors in this price range. ElmScan 5 supports new OBD2 Protocols like: ISO 15765-4 CAN, SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 and SAE J1939. It means that it covers most of the currently available vehicles. ElmScan 5 is a solid, well-made car diagnostic ScanTool which I am using myself since a few years with no problems. I received my ElmScan 5 with OBDwiz Software included FREE of charge. I can say that the OBDwiz Software is so User-Friendly that anybody will learn how to use it in just few minutes.

   I tried ElmScan 5 on many different cars so far and it never let me down. It is always straight and easy to use. This smart Elm327 ScanTool will easily Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes stored in Engine Management System. With ElmScan 5 you can Turn OFF engine management light just in few clicks. Of course after Reading the Fault Code you have to follow the adequate repair to avoid Engine Management Light coming back again. I recommend Elm327 ScanTool as a very good OBD2 Diagnostic Interface for anybody who wants to start playing with OBD2 Car Diagnostic.

Elm327 Professional Software Download (Shareware, DEMO, Trial...).
Quick Guide through the most advanced Elm327 Software.
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ScanXL Shareware:
Official Palmer Performance Website
ScanXL is made by Palmer Performance. ScanXL contains all the features which you need for professional Car Diagnostic. ScanXL can be UpGraded for Advanced Diagnostic Functions of Ford, Mazda and GM Vehicles. Go to:
Official ScanXL Download Page
PCMScan Shareware:
Official Palmer Performance Website
PCMSCAN is a generic OBD-II Scanner which supports lots of OBD-II Interfaces. PCMSCAN is made by Palmer Performance. Go to:
Official PCMScan Download Page
DashCommand Demo:
Official Palmer Performance Website
DashCommand is especially designed for TouchScreen Use. It creates and displays Digital Dashboards. Go to:
Official DashCommand Download Page
OBDwiz Shareware:
Official OBDwiz Website
OBDwiz is a powerful Vehicle Diagnostic Software. OBDwiz is inluded free for all ScanTool.net customers who ordered PC Based Car Diagnostic Tool. Go to:
Official OBDwiz Download Page
TouchScan Trial:
Official TouchScan Website
TouchScan is especially designed for TouchScreen Use. TouchScan is fully compatible with Android Operating System. Go to:
Official TouchScan Download Page
OBD2Spy Shareware:
Official OBD2Spy Website
OBD2Spy is a solution for ELM and mOByDic Diagnostic Interfaces. Go to:
Official OBD2Spy Download Page
Digimoto Shareware:
Official Digimoto Website
Digimoto is a OBD-II Diagnostic Software for mOByDic and ELM Scan Tools. Go to:
Official Digimoto Download Page
ScanMaster ELM Shareware:
Official WGSoft Website
ScanMaster ELM is a Software for Vehicle Diagnostic under OBD-II and EOBD standards. Go to:
Official ScanMaster ELM Download Page
OBD 2007 Trial:
Official OBD 2007 Website
OBD 2007 is a OBD-II Software designed to help you in diagnosing and analysing engine problems. Go to:
Official OBD 2007 Download Page
ProScan Shareware: Official PROScan Website ProScan is a Premium Car Diagnostic Software. ProScan is able to provide you detailed information about many Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Go to:
Official ProScan Download Page
OBDAutoDoctor Shareware:
Official OBDAutoDoctor Website
OBDAutoDoctor is a quality OBD2 Software for Windows. OBDAutoDoctor is also made for Android and Symbian Operating Systems. Go to:
Official OBDAutoDoctor Download Page
DataPro Shareware:
Official DataPro Website
DataPro for Professional OBD2 Diagnostic and Graphing. Go to:
Official DataPro Download Page
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