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How to find a good car garage?

   If you have any problem with your car you can try to contact me and I will help you as much as I can. I owned many preloved cars during my life and I got many problems with them. I love to fix problems myself and because of this I learned a lot about cars. Some problems can be fixed very easily but garages will never go through cheapest way to fix your car. They will usually tell you the worst story. Why? Because they want to cover themselves and this is a reason which I can understand. The bad reason is when they have poor knowledge about cars and instead of fixing actual problem they will keep replacing parts until problem is solved.

   I live in a small city and there is a few garages around but I would never use them to fix my car. I found around just one competent mechanic in a city located 12 miles away. This not supppose to happpen but it is a very common problem nowadays. Main reason why it is like that is that anybody can open car garage. Some people just want to make money and they know that this business is growing very quickly. This means that they rent a big place, they buy tools and they employ mechanics and thats it - we have a new car garage. It is alright if they employ good mechanics having proper knowledge about cars but usually they employ mechanics who wants to accept lowest possible wage. Then this garage is just another useless place and you should never leave your car there.

   How to find a good car garage then?
  • The most important thing is that the owner of the garage HAS to be a skilled car mechanic.
  • The next thing is that he HAS to work in the garage every day like other mechanics there and he HAS to actually work on cars not in the office or reception.
  • Last thing is that he should let you go inside his garage when he work on your car so you can see any work being undertaken.
   Thats the most important rules about chosing good car garage. One more thing is that the good garage should be fully booked for at least 2 weeks whenever you want to fix your car. Why? Because usually very busy garages are providing really good service and customers stay with them.

   I can give an example of very poor service provided by my local garage to my friend. My friend was driving diesel driven car. Common problem in high mileage diesel cars is Turbocharger. His Turbocharger went wrong at 144000 miles - it is fair enough for Turbocharger. His car was worth around 1400 british pounds. He took his car to the garage to get a price for fixing the car. What did they tell him? The garage quoted my friend 1400 british pounds to fix the car with brand new turbocharger from Ford. This is the example of very poor service provided to the customer. Why? Because the car was worth not enough to fix it. In this way it would be better to scrap the car and just buy another one with working turbocharger. What the good garage should do then? They should offer to my friend fitting of reconditioned or used turbocharger. Od course finally I helped my friend to sorte the problem out. We bought used turbocharger for 100 british pounds and we fitted the turbo ourselves to the car. I took around 6 hours to remove old turbo and fit new one including cleaning of inlet manifold, intercooler and all of the turbo pipes. The car have 173000 miles on the clock now and is still running perfectly fine. In this way the garage lost a customer and my friend saved 1300 pounds. This is an example of bad garage which you should have in your mind when some mechanic will try to quote you huge amount to fix your car.

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