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   Modern cars are equipped with lots of electronic control modules, sensors and other advanced technology. All this electronic things goes wrong even more often than mechanical parts. Nowadays OBD2 car diagnostic does not have to be a pain and we can do it easily at home using OBD2 Tools available to buy online. There is lots of manufacturers producing quality and affordable OBD2 Tools for home users. Currently OBD2 Diagnostic Scanners are easy to use like a microwave so don't be afraid to try them. Most of them are supplied with advanced user Manulas and Diagnostic Trouble Codes explanations. Below I will try to list important websites about car diagnostic.

   OBD, OBD2 & EOBD Car Diagnostic:    ELM327 Software and ScanTools Websites:
  • http://easyobdii.com - OBD2 Diagnostic Software for ELM327 based Interfaces.
  • http://www.scantool.net - Manufacturer of many high quality OBD2 ScanTools, they also offer one of the best FREE OBD2 diagnostic software supporting ELM327 Interfaces.
  • http://www.obd2spy.com - OBD2Spy is a great OBD2 Software supporting ELM327 Interfaces. There is a few FREE older versions available for download at author website.
  • http://www.wgsoft.de/en.html - Automotive Diagnostic Software and ScanTools Manufacturer.
  • http://www.glmsoftware.com - GLM Software is providing FREE OBD2 Software (OBD 2007 Lite) and also PRO Version for professionals, both programs are supporting genuine ELM327 Interfaces.
  • http://forscan.org - FORScan is a currently FREE Ford and Mazda compatible OBD2 Software. It is made especiially for those vehicles so it will support more functions than standard OBD2 Software.
  • http://www.palmerperformance.com - Palmer Performance Engineering is supplying quality OBD2 Software and ScanTools in affordable price.
  • http://www.obdsoftware.net - One Stop Shop for OBD2 Diagnostic Tools and Advanced OBD2 Software like OBDwiz inluded FREE with many Genuine ScanTool.net Interfaces.
  • http://www.myscantool.com - This website offers Professional OBD2 ScanTool and advanced OBD2 Software - PROScan.
  • http://www.obdautodoctor.com - OBDAutoDoctor is offering Universal OBD2 Software for ELM327 Interfaces. Their software is compatible with all most popular Operating Systems like: Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and even Symbian.
  • http://www.edgeanalysis.com - Edge Analysis offers expensive OBD2 Software for Professionals (DataPRO). They also sale Quality ELM327 Based Interfaces.
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