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> OP-COM Software Download <

   For more informaton about OP-COM or VAUX-COM Tool please visit: Official AutoM3 Website or mail me through Contact Page. I will try to answer ASAP. Most important questions and answers I will include below.

OP-COM & VAUX-COM - Related Websites: OP-COM or VAUX-COM - Questions and Answers:
  • What is OP-COM or VAUX-COM?

       Answer is easy: The Cheapest and Most Powerful Tool for diagnostic all Opel and Vauxhall cars. OP-COM known also as a VAUX-COM gives you real dealer level access to every Opel and Vauxhall Car. In this price range there is no better tool than OP-COM or VAUX-COM Interface for diagnostic Opel and Vauxhall Vehicles.

  • What cars are covered by OP-COM or VAUX-COM?

       Software from AutoM3 covers all Opel and Vauxhall cars till today. Every Opel or Vauxhall car equipped with Onboard Diagnostic System is covered by OP-COM and VAUX-COM Diagnostic Software. All Opel and Vauxhall cars since 1997 are fully supported by OP-COM and VAUX-COM Software. AutoM3 continuously update their software so you can be 100% sure that every new Opel and Vauxhall car will be supported by Genuine OP-COM or VAUX-COM Interface.

  • What can you do with OP-COM or VAUX-COM?

       Basically everything what dealer can do. This is a real Dealer Level Diagnostic Tool and because it is made only for Opel and Vauxhall Cars you can be sure it will have best compatibility with every Opel and Vauxhall Vehicle. Examples of supported functions: Reading and Clearing Trouble Codes, Viewing Live Sensor Data, Testing of Actuators and Outputs, Reading Device Identification Numbers, Viewing Freeze Frame Data and much more...

  • Which Car Electronic Control Modules are covered?

       OP-COM or VAUX-COM covers all Electronic Control Modules which are available in your car. You can follow diagnostic on every module which is installed in your car. Examples of covered modules: Engine, Automatic Transmission, Airbags, Power Steering, ABS Brakes, ESP, Instrument Clusters, Immobiliser...

  • Is the OP-COM or VAUX-COM software continuously UpDated?

       Yes, OP-COM or VAUX-COM is UpDated by AutoM3 all the time and all the updates are free for anybody who bought genuine OP-COM or VAUX-COM Interface. This means that you buy one tool which will be virtually supporting all Opel and Vauxhall cars for ever.

  • Where to buy Genuine OP-COM or VAUX-COM Interface?

       Main answer is not from China! There is many clones available online but trust me they do not work longer than once. Do not waste your money on clones and buy ONLY the genuine AutoM3 Tool. Original Interface is really cheap if you think about OP-COM or VAUX-COM functionality and free Updates. The only official distributors you can find here: Official OP-COM or VAUX-COM Interface Distributors List.

  • Will I get any support from AutoM3?

       AutoM3 will give you lifetime support for your interface and software. This is just another reason to buy Genuine OP-COM or VAUX-COM Tool.

  • Can I buy cheap 3rd Party OP-COM or VAUX-COM Compatible Interface?

       No, There is NO compatible 3rd Party Interfaces for any version of OP-COM and VAUX-COM Software. Anybody selling this kind of tool is braking the law by selling illegal clone mainly coming from China manufacturers. OP-COM and VAUX-COM Diagnostic Tools are ONLY available from Official OP-COM or VAUX-COM Distributors.

  • Will Cloned OP-COM or VAUX-COM Interface work exactly the same as genuine tool?

       Basically, cheap OP-COM or VAUX-COM Compatible Interface should not exist. Some functions may work in some way or may not work at all. Cloned Interface can also damage your car if you will try to reprogram things like Immobiliser. You can easily buy clones of OP-COM and VAUX-COM Interfaces but please be aware that most of those copies are manufactured to the lowest quality standards. This happens just to achieve lowest possible price and attract more customers. Think yourself how is it possible to get quality Car Diagnostic Tool for few pounds or dollars?


   One more thing: Please AVOID Cloned OP-COM Interafces as they may cause lots of problems and in many cases they will NOT even connect with the vehicle ECU.

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