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VAG K+CAN Commander - VW, Audi, SEAT & Skoda ScanTool


    "VAG K+CAN Commander 3.6 ScreenShots".

VAG K+CAN Commander Software Download (External Website):

1.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 Download".

2.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 2.5 Download".

3.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 3.0 Download".

4.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 3.6 Download".

5.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 4.5 Download".

6.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 5.0 Download".

7.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 5.1 Download".

8.  "VAG K+CAN Commander 5.5 Download".


    The most advanced version of VAG K+CAN Commander for newer CAN based VAG cars. This is a professional DIAGNOSTIC TOOL including CODE READER for all VAG cars using CAN protocol. With this tool you can connect to any “Electronic Control Unit” in modern cars (CAN BASED). You can Read and Clear Trouble Codes in any control module. Also you can perform Adaptations and Coding or you can see Measured Values and device identification numbers.

    !!! VAG Commander Interface works on any Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows ME. !!!

STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTIONS (works only through CAN protocol):

1.  READING and CLEARING Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from any Electronic Control Module in your car. Few examples of covered modules: Engine, Airbags, Automatic Transmission, Central Electronics, ABS Brakes, ESP, Power Steering, Immobilizer, Instruments, CAN Gateway, Central Convenience, Radio.

2.  Finding Device Identification Numbers (for example: HW Number, SW number, Extended Identification Number, Coding Number, Part Number).

3.  Viewing Measured Values from any module supporting that function.

4.  Performing Adaptations in any module supporting that function.

5.  Coding of any Electronic Module supporting that function.


1.  CAN High Speed Transport Protocol 2.0 (CAN TP 2.0)

2.  CAN Low Speed Transport Protocol 2.0

3.  CAN High Speed Transport Protocol 1.6

4.  CAN Low Speed Transport Protocol 1.6

5.  K-Line (KW2000 and KW1281)


1.   Odometer correction in Instrument Clusters and EDC15x.

2.   TV-Activation function for MMI based vehicles (Audi A8, Audi A6, and Audi Q7).

3.   Diagnostic addresses from 0x01 to 0x80 virtually cover all Electronic Control Units in VAG vehicles. This can allow you to investigate and diagnose some new units which stay untouchable for other diagnostic tools.

4.   Manual definition of running diagnostic session - not like other diagnostic tools always standard diagnostic session 0x89.

5.   Broadcast diagnostic requests: enabling or disabling normal communication of all devices, Clearing All DTC’s, entering into transport mode.

6.   Reading Security Access Code and Login WFS.

7.   Reading and programming Immobilizer data.

8.   Reading and writing EEPROM from Instrument Clusters and Immobilizer.

9.   Reading and writing EEPROM of Engine Control Units: BOSCH VAG-EDC15x, VAG-ME7.1.1, VAG-ME7.1, VAG-ME7.5, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8, Porsche 911 (996/997), Porsche Boxter, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Cayenne.

10.Easy Key learning (no need of security code).

11.Custom memory reading and writing from ECUs: EDC16U1, EDC16U31, EDC16CP34, EDC16C4, EDC16U1, MED9.5.1.

12.Custom memory reading and writing from EZS Kessy and Kessy K (without authorization).

13.Clearing Crash Data in some airbag units.

!!! Please Note that car ECUs are individually programmed for each car and not all of the supported functions will be availiable in every VAG Group car. Some ECUs or Instrument Clusters are also locked by manufacturer to deny any access. !!!

List of CAN based vehicles covered from Odometer correction, Security code reading and Reading/Writing EEPROM via OBD2:

VW Golf5, VW Jetta (Model Year 2006 only), VW Caddy, VW Crossgolf, VW Touaran, VW EOS, VW Individual, VW Passat platform B6 (Model Year 2006 only), Seat Toledo, Seat Leon, Seat Altea, Seat Altea XL, Skoda Octavia II, Skoda Scout, Audi A3, Audi A8, Audi A6, Audi Q7, Audi Allroad 2004+

List of K-Line based vehicles covered from Odometer correction, Security code reading and Reading/Writing via OBD2:

Audi A2, Audi A3 VDO/M73 up to 2003, Audi A4 VDO/M73, Audi A4 BOSCH up to 2002, Audi A6 VDO, Audi Allroad up to 2004, Audi A8 up to Jan 1999, Audi TT, Seat Alhambra, Seat Arosa, Seat Cordoba after 1999, Seat Ibiza VDO after 1999 (MY2007 covered), Seat Leon, Seat Toledo, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, Skoda Roomster (MY2007 covered), Skoda Fabia (MY2007 covered), VW Bora, VW Beetle, VW Golf4 VDO/Motometer/BOSCH, VW Jetta, VW Passat, VW Polo VDO/Motometer (MY2007 covered), VW Sharan, VW T4/T5 VDO (MY2007 covered)

List of vehicles covered from Key learning function (without need of security access code/login):

Audi A2, Audi A3 VDO/M73 up to 2003, Audi A4 VDO/M73 up to 2000, Audi A4 after 2000 - petrol engines >= 1.8, Audi A6 VDO (K), Audi A6 (CAN) petrol engines, Audi Allroad (K) up to 2004, Audi Allroad (CAN) petrol engines, Audi A8 up to 1998, Audi A8 from 2001 to 2002 2.5TDI, Audi A8 (CAN) 2003+ - first generation of component protection, Audi TT (K), Audi Q7 petrol engines, Seat Altea (CAN), Seat Cordoba after 1999 (K), Seat Ibiza (VDO) after 1999 (K), Seat Leon (K+CAN), Seat Toledo (K+CAN), Skoda Octavia, Skoda Octavia II (CAN), Skoda Superb, Skoda Roomster, Skoda Scout (CAN), Skoda Fabia, VW Phaeton petrol, VW Touareg petrol, VW Bora, VW Beetle, VW Caddy (CAN), VW EOS (CAN), VW Golf4 VDO/Motometer, VW Golf5 VDO, VW Cross golf (CAN), VW Individual (CAN), VW Jetta (K+CAN), VW Passat B5(K) B6(CAN), VW Polo5, VW Sharan after year 2000, VW T5, VW Touaran VDO (CAN), Porsche Cayenne (K+CAN)

!!! Use of the cable is at the buyer risk. I do not take any responsibility for any work carried by the Interface !!!

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