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 :: Vivaro Gearbox
Vauxhall Vivaro Gearbox Problem Repair

Very common problem on Vauxhall Vivaro is a Gearbox Linkage Problem. Gearbox linkage is made from metal which is a solid part and from plastic which is the problematic part because plastic wear and tear over the time. Main problem on Vauxhall Vivaro are the plastic linkage connectors at the gearbox side. There is a metal ball joint in the gearbox which connects to the linkage. Linkage connector is made from plastic. It is round plastic connector with hole inside and it just clicks over the ball joint. During gear changing this plastic connector wear and tear and the gole goes bigger and bigger. Finally one day you will stay with no gears in your Vauxhall Vivaro because the linkage will dismount from the gearbox.
    Then you have few options:
  • You can tow away your car to the mechanic and if you paid for brakdown cover then yoou are lucky because towing away will be free.
  • You can drive back home if you are not far away and there is any gear left engaged. Then you can order some mechanic to come over and fix your car.
  • You can temporary fix your car if you have any cable ties available. Of course this is best solution and we will focus on it for this moment.

1. Cheap Temporary Solution for Vivaro Linkage Problem

Basically there is not too much space to reach the gearbox but it should be enough to put the linkage connector back on place. Afterwards all what you have to do is put the cable tie around the gearbox mounting and the linkage connector. Then you have to tie it up but not too strong because the cable tie will break straight after changing the gear first time. Thats it - all done. Now you have to check if the gears changin properly. Go back inside your Vauxhall Vivaro and try if the Gearbox is working good again. If it is then you can drive back home and go to the next step to fix this problem permamently.

2. Permament Solution for Vauxhall Vivaro Gearbox Problem

Of course cable tie is not a proper solution for Vauxhall Vivaro Gearbox Problem but it will help you on the road to drive back home safely without having to tow away your car. It may also save you lots of money if you do not have a breakdown cover for your car. Anyway lets see what should we do to fix Vivaro Gearbox Linkage Problem permamently. The first thing which we can do is that we can replace the whole gearbox linkage for brand new one. Gearbox linkage is not a cheap part so it may cost a lot of money especially if you need to ask mechanic to do the job for you. This is first "permament" solution until the plastic connector wear and tear again. The second permament solution is too fix your actual linkage without changing it for new one but how to do that? You have to make or buy special metal part which will go around the linkage connector and the gearbox ball joint. This part may be hard to make yourself so the best idea will be to go on eBay and buy it there.

http://www.matlocksystems.com - This Website will definitely help you with Vauxhall Vivaro Gearbox Linkage Problem.

What else I can say is: Good Luck!
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